Competition Clutch 4S-8037-C - Competition Clutch 184MM Rigid Super Single Clutch Kit, Honda Civic SI 2.0L 5spd and 6spd K20; 2002-2008.

The Super Single from Competition Clutch, was developed for cars not quite ready for a twin but needing something more than the conventional Stage 4 Kit. The Super Single mirrors a twin disc in the fact that they both are a 7.25 set up and include a 4140 forged steel flywheel. Unlike the twin, the super single only uses one disc and tips the scales around 17-20 lbs depending on the application. Super single is designed for road race use only. Not recommended for drag racing. The Super Single is a must-have piece for all-motor/nitrous cars running up to 350whp. (Currently available for select applications) 

Kit Weight: 17 Pounds

* IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Competition Clutch Super Single is designed around being a clutch in a road-course/time attack driven vehicle that isn't on the road. When driven on the streets continuously the heat will soak through the disc from the pressure plate and essentially start to do this welding of the disc to the flywheel or just pieces of the disc will chunk away and weld to the flywheel.


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